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Music Videos are a way of visualizing what would otherwise only be accessible through what we hear. By adding visuals to a song and telling a story one can further capture an audiences attention rather than just using audio alone.

Music Videos are also a fantastic marketing tool as some of the most popular videos online are music videos. Music videos are commonly shared within social media networks and are an excellent way of gaining new followers on your social media channels.

If you are looking for a Music Video Director in the Los Angeles area make sure to hit me up on my contact page and we can discuss your music video project.

Music Videos are a fun, creative, and exciting way to get your band’s music out there.


[h2]Not all Music Video Directors Are Created Equal.[/h2]

Through the years I have developed a rich variety of multimedia skills including Cinematography, Editing, Motion Graphics, and Marketing all of which build upon each other to give me a well rounded sensitivity to what any specific project requires. I understand how to make a project scream high production value, even if it was shot on a smaller budget. Also, my expertise in each of these areas allows me to oversee all aspects of pre through post-production to ensure the highest standards of workmanship throughout the project so you will no longer be awake at night worrying about how your music video is going to turn out. However, you probably won’t be able to sleep due to excitement and anticipation. Check out my contact page and lets discuss your next Music Video!

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Nick Spanos is a director that has produced work for such artists as Chris Isaak, Matt Hardle, and Haley Reinhart > Nick Spanos Music Videos

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